Temple Services Reception Center (Sanpai Settai-sho)

A view of the Reception Office from the south. This welcomes followers coming from all over Japan and foreign countries

This building, which was constructed in 1934 by Goichi Takeda among others, is used as a reception area for followers and visitors alike.

Behind this building is the Audio-visual Hall, most of which is underground and is mainly lit naturally. It was built in commemoration of Rennyo's 500th Memorial Service in 1998, and was designed by the Japanese architect, Shin Takamatsu. This also contains altar rooms (butsuma), a reception room, and a gallery.

The 3rd basement, in which there are altar rooms (butsuma)

The basement slope

The Audio-visual Hall itself holds about 350 people. Religious activities such as Dharma talks and lectures are held here

Natural light coming through the moon-shaped glass ceiling