Ōtani Mausoleum

In 1272, ten years after Shinran's death, a mausoleum rather than a grave was built to enshrine his ashes together with his image. This mausoleum was moved on various occasions.

However, after the division into Higashi and Nishi Honganji in 1602, Ōtani Mausoleum was finally constructed at its present location in 1670, though later it was rebuilt along with halls at the end of the 17th century.

In 1745, Shōgun Tokugawa Yoshimune donated about 33,000 square meters (8 acres), by which Ōtani Mausoleum was able to expand.

An aerial view of Ōtani Mausoleum

Ōtani Mausoleum

The entrance gate of Ōtani Mausoleum

The main hall (completed in 1701)

The paved pathway leading up to the mausoleum

477 Maruyama-chō, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0071, Japan
10 min. walk from Gion bus stop
15 min. walk from Keihan Railway, Gion-shijo Station
20 min. walk from Hankyū Kyoto Line, Kawaramachi Station
Opening Hours
Daily from 5:00 AM – 5:00 PM