Founder's Hall (Goei-dō)

The two roof-like structure of the Founder's Hall

This is the most important place in the temple complex, where the image of the founder Shinran is enshrined. It is the center of worship for the Shinshū Ōtani-ha branch of Shin Buddhism. This hall is located at the center of the precincts and is one of the largest wooden structures in the world, being 76 m (250 ft.) in length, 58 m (190 ft.) in width, 38 m (125 ft.) in height.

Within this hall, on either side of Shinran's image, there are portraits of the previous abbots (monshu) and two scrolls, one with ten Chinese characters and the other with nine, extolling the virtues of taking refuge in Amida Buddha.

The most recent construction of this hall began in 1879 with its completion in 1895. The roof tiles, which total about 175,000, were handmade and donated by this denomination's followers in Mikawa (Aichi prefecture).

A view of the Founder's Hall with its huge width of 58 m

Interior of the Founder's Hall containing 927 tatami mats