Amida Hall (Amida-dō)

Full view of Amida Hall

Amida Hall is located to the left of the Founder's Hall, and the image of Amida Buddha is enshrined on the main altar. To its right, there is a scroll, depicting Prince Shōtoku (Shōtoku Taishi 574-622) — the father of Japanese Buddhism. To the left, there is another, on which can be seen the seven patriarchs of the Pure Land tradition. Unlike the Founder's Hall, this hall, though completed in the same year, is constructed in a more elaborate style. On the sliding doors (fusuma) are paintings by such well-known Kyoto artists as Gesshū Hata and Chikudō Kishi of the Meiji period.

Naijin (altar area), decorated in gold, representing the world of the Pure Land as described in the Smaller Sutra (Amida-kyō)

A sliding door in the furthest left-hand part of the altar area on which Chikudō Kishi painted "Cherry and Peacock"