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2016.12.02 Update

12th World Dōbō Gathering

12th World Dōbō Gathering

On the first day, we started with an opening ceremony. Over three hundred participants from North America, South America, Hawaii, and Japan joint together and chanted Shōshinge. After the opening ceremony, the North American District gave a presentation about the past and the present situation of their temples in form of a short video.

           In the afternoon, we split into smaller groups and had group discussions in separate rooms. With the help of our interpreters, the participants had a chance to discuss about the connection of their lives with the Shin Buddhist teachings, temple issues, and about what they could do in the future for their temples. Following the group discussion, Professor Mark Unno of University of Oregon gave a touching talk in which he shared some very personal anecdotes. In the front of the ballroom, where we held the gathering, we sold various goods that where donated to us by temple members, to raise money for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake. Besides the main program, we also had a special program for the kids.

          On the second day, we had representatives of all three districts giving a speech about future of Shin Buddhism. After lunch, we headed to the JapaneseAmerican National Museum. From there, we walked through Little Tokyo to the LA Betsuin, where we had a closing ceremony and took a group picture with all participants. The slogan of this World Dōbō Gathering was “Learning from the Past—Living in the Present—Envisioning the Future.” Through the history, our predecessors in each of the three districts handed down the teaching of the founderto us. Now it is upon each of us to carry this legacy into the future. This 12th World Dōbō Gathering was a new step towards this goal.

group discussions in separate rooms 12th World Dōbō Gathering

12th World Dōbō Gathering 12th World Dōbō Gathering

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