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2018.09.03 Update

Higan-e Service

Higan-e Service will be held from 17th to 23rd September. The service is held twice a year in spring and fall for seven days. This world where we live self-centered, is likened to “konokishi 此の岸 (the shore in this side)” and the world of Buddha (The Pure Land) is likened to “kanokishi 彼の岸 (the shore in the other side)” as a metaphor. That is the reason why we call the service, higan-e 彼岸会. It is a Buddhist service that we aspire to go over the other side of shore, the Pure Land from this delusional world we live.
    Autumn flowers are beautifully adorned in the altar. Please come to visit at Higashi Honganji and Ōtani Sobyō.

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