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2018.05.03 Update

The Arrival Ceremony of the Scroll of Rennyo Shōnin to Higashi Honganji from Yoshizaki Betsuin

The participants in the event with the scroll of Rennyo Shōnin that left Higashi Honganji on 17th April, had arrived at Yoshizaki Betsuin in Fukui Prefecture on 23rd April. The memorial service for Rennyo Shōnin was held at Yoshizaki Betsuin for 10 days until 2nd May.
 They will be walking back over 280 km via the east of Lake Biwa and will arrive at Higashi Honganji around 15:30 on 9th May.
 The trees are putting on new green leaves beautifully. Please come to visit us and welcome the scroll of Rennyo Shōnin with us.

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