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2018.04.13 Update

The Departure Ceremony of the Scroll of Rennyo Shōnin to Yoshizaki Betsuin from Higashi Honganji

The scroll of Rennyo Shōnin is brought to Yoshizaki Betsuin in Fukui Prefecture from Higashi Honganji, its ceremony starts at 12:30 on 17th April.
 Rennyo Shōnin devoted to spread the teaching of Shin Buddhism in Hokuriku district. In order to commemorate his work and hold a memorial service for him, people started to take the scroll all the way to Yoshizaki Betsuin from Higashi Honganji, which is the beginning of the event.
 Since then, this event has been held over 300 years. Participants in the event walk carrying the scroll approximately 240 km, the distance Rennyo Shōnin had walked. The event ends on 9th May once they return to Higashi Honganji.

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